Dog Walking

We understand that dogs have different needs and therefore offer you a choice of walks for your dog.

Professional Dog Walking Services in Lancashire

Solo walks are perfect for dogs who prefer their own company, dogs that feel anxious around other dogs, or older dogs who prefer to wander in their own time.

They include a one to one walk with a professional dog walker in an environment that best suits your dog.

Solo walks can be short (30 mins) or long (1 hour)

Solo Walks​
Professional Dog Walking Services in Lancashire
Group Walks​

Group walks are perfect for more sociable dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs.


Our group walks include a maximum of four dogs and offer benefits such as play, socialisation and a stimulating environment to help keep your dog fit and healthy.

New dogs are introduced to their walker first, before being slowly introduced to a group.

Group walks are 1 hour long.

Pick up and Drop off

All our dog walks take place in secure locations, so your dog is safe to play, exercise and sniff to their hearts content.

Your dog will be collected in our specially commissioned Woof2Wag dog transporter. We provide water and treats, and on each return will ensure your dog is happy and clean.